Data Capture and Firebird

Firebird is a fully automated, real-time solution that streamlines the management, ordering and post production of plastic cards, or any other medium requiring up to the minute data management.

While Firebird is our core solution for ID card software, it provides our customers with more than a card ordering facility.It delivers all the tools and functionality required to manage data online in a user friendly format.

Data capture is one area that many businesses struggle to manage efficiently and securely, particularly if you are an organisation that has multiple offsite locations. As an online application, Firebird provides your organisation with the functionality to access data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a secure Internet connection.

Customers are provided with the ability to customise access levels via unique usernames and passwords, a central database can also function as individual databases to each off site location. This means as your business needs change, software upgrades need only be applied to the central Firebird database. Each location can then access the enhanced functionality immediately, removing the need to undergo individual upgrades.

Firebird is developed in a modular format, making it easily customisable to your requirements. The modular format allows permission groups the ability to not only see specific fields, but to also access specific modules.