Payment Solutions

IDentiTech has joined forces with Agilivant, the creator of a proprietary electronic global payments processor.  Agilivant looks to revolutionize local and global debit-based payment and settlement systems, using state-of-the-art technology and mobile device services.  Agilivant provides open and closed-loop card, mobile and virtual cash payment solutions for consumers, merchants, and banks globally.

Agilivant enables global transactions over a mobile phone.  The system aggregates merchant, bank, mobile carrier, and payment networks to bring instant, low cost money transfer and payment capabilities to both merchants and consumers.  This technology turns the consumer’s mobile device into “virtual cash”, eliminates interchange fees for merchants on the system, and enables instant settlement.

Agilivant’s aggregation system and payment solutions are designed for flexibility and extensibility, enabling virtually seamless integration into existing programs and services.  Customer loyalty programs and fundraising efforts are just a couple of the options available within Agilivant’s system.

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